Save Money & energy during this winter – Home Improvement with Double Glazing.

Price of fuel, gasoline, electricity and every possible energy source available in the market is just going out of our control. We can notice that prices of energy sources are just going out of our reach, and not only their prices are just getting high but also we are destroying our precious natural resources, which could make our future towards the darker side. We have to change things and situation individually, and during this winter it’s a good time to take a look at your homes and figure out where we can improve and make things easier for us and at the same time you can save some energy and money as well.


According to a survey held in Sweden, result shows that during winter season almost 30% of the heat from our houses goes straight out of our roofs, which is generated by heating equipments and those equipments consumes a lot of energy. So it is important for us to figure out a proper solution for it, and that can be solved by proper attic insulation in our houses. Architects and engineers have suggested that during construction time of our houses, it may happen that attic is not insulated properly in our houses and that may cause the heat evacuation from our roofs. Recently government have officially announced that they recommend the double amount of insulation and minimum thickness  should be 250-300 mm which is 10-12 inches, and that will surely help to preserve heat for longer period during winters.

Well, when it comes on re Attic insulation, it can be expensive and cheap as well. If you want to save some money you can also do attic insulation by yourself if you are quite good at DIY, and you do not need any special skills or tools for that. Or else you will have to hire professional to do that for you. It’s not that touch to do double glaze insulation by yourself, all you have to do is to carefully read those step by step instruction which comes with insulation guide. And you should make sure that during insulation you should block the ventilators and vacant areas, otherwise during summer season you will have to suffer. It is advisable that you shouldn’t cover electrical cables, and keep the insulation away from the light fittings, air flow etc. because if in any care you want to prevent yourself from overheating you need those.