Most efficient ways of saving energy

Our earth is dying, and our future is in danger, every day we are just making our life worst, because all the natural resources are getting wasted for fuel and energy. Time have come to save our earth, if we desire our better future. That day is not that far away when we will be left alone drought on our earth, its time to take initiatives and to save energy for our bright and better future and upcoming generations. Most likely all of us are wasting energy every day, but there so many different and simple things that we can implement and effectively reduce the amount of energy we waste in our homes. So we have to act now and make our planet a cleaner, better and healthier place to live for our future.

1.Every day we consume a lot of electricity and energy on our television sets, which usually consumes more than 100 watts of power which is just too much and waste lot energy through that. Even though New LCD monitors or plasma screen Television set uses 5 times more energy. So the best solution to avoid these wastes is to make sure that you turn off your TV screens, Computer Screens when you are not using them, and that will help a lot on saving energy as well as your money.


2.Most of our electricity consumption goes into lights and bulbs which require high amount of energy, but the problem remains same, because we cannot avoid them, and to overcome this problem we can use fluorescent lights, tubes, bulbs etc. they are capable of producing same amount and quality of light and they consume only ¼ of your electricity used by usual light bulbs.

3.By reducing the time we spend under our shower, so we can save some amount of energy, electricity, water and money as well. Many New washing machines wash clothes at 40 degree centigrade which consumes a lot of energy, so it is advisable that we should wash clothes at 30c, which will save decent amount of energy. On the other hand modern washing powders are made especially for lower temperatures, which can save energy as well.

4.We can save energy at our homes by taking the thermostat down by 1C. It will get low down at least more than 20% amount from your electric bill, because it will consume less energy.

5.During winters we all want to keep our homes, rooms hot, and for that we use heating equipments which consumes lot of energy as well, But by keeping curtains, windows, blinds etc closed  we can preserve heat for longer time and that will allow us to save energy by keeping those heating equipments turned off.

6.During those hot summer days, we need to make our houses cooler, and for that we use air conditioners, ceiling fans etc and they consume lot of energy and make our electric bills sky high. To overcome this situation we can plant lot more trees around our houses and garden, because trees help to makes our inner and outer house environment lot cooler with the fresh air they produce.