Best ways to make your bathroom more energy saving and efficient

Even though usually people don’t bother about bathrooms energy efficiency, but the fact is that it plays a major role in our monthly electric bill. We use electric water heater, shower, conventional light bulbs, tabs etc which consumes a lot more energy comparing what we imagine about it. There are various designs features and fittings tweaks that we can implement on improving bathroom energy efficiency and reduce total amount of energy bills as well. Redesigning or renovation of your bathroom will make sure several benefits like your health, safety, less energy bills, etc. Given below are some of the tips which you can implement to make your bathroom more energy efficient:-

Energy Efficient Labeled Lights and Bulbs – Energy efficient labeled lights refer to less energy consuming lighting solution. By buying energy efficient labeled lights you can make sure that lights used in your bathroom will consume less energy and will save money from your electric bill as well.


Insulation: Double Glaze Insulate Walls and Ceilings – We often notice that during construction of our houses walls behind tubs and showers are poorly insulated that cause air leakage. So we should make sure that proper double glaze insulation is done during renovation of your bathrooms.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors – These days many companies are offering and launched windows, doors skylights, window panes. These items are energy efficient labeled, and they make sure that you homes are comfortable and they save energy as well.
Energy Efficient Hot Water System – While buying water heaters for our bathrooms, we should make sure that these products are labeled with energy efficient seal, because these energy efficient equipments makes sure less consumption of energy and at the same time they save money as well for us.

Save Energy through Water Pipes and Water Saving Devices – We often do not notice that we lose lot more energy through water pipes, so the solution to prevent this heat loss from water pipes is to properly insulate hot water pipes. We can install water saving devices like aerators and water flow regulators in our tabs and fixtures. This way you can preserve energy and heat loss as well, thus it will save you money for sure.